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Bayesian modelling for economic evaluation of healthcare interventions

VIBASS7 - Invited Course

This course (12 hours) is provided by Dr. Gianluca Baio (University College London, UK). He is author of the books Bayesian Methods in Pharmaceutical Research, Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis with the R package BCEA and Bayesian Methods in Health Economics.


  • Abstract

    When a new healthcare intervention (often, but not necessarily, a drug) is approved on the market, in a given jurisdiction, it typically has to go through another stage of negotiation to get “reimbursement”. This means that the intervention is considered “good value-for-money” and so the healthcare provider decides to make it available for the reference population. This is typically the situation in many countries, including many in Europe.

    This process is based on structured modelling, typically complementing different sources of evidence and aimed at demonstrating the “cost-effectiveness” of a given intervention. Bayesian modelling is instrumental to this type of problems and in this short course we will review the basics of economic evaluation, with a specific reference to the use of Bayesian models for individual level data (e.g. directly coming from experimental studies), as well as for generalised evidence synthesis. The models will be complemented with practical material.”